i n g e n u i t y

fostering futures

Our Aim + What We Do

sparking passion and filling curricular gaps in STEM through providing STEM-centric learning opportunities  

We organise courses/workshop series to do with STEM all over Hong Kong.

Past Programmes

STEM Introductions w/ Refugee Union

A series of workshops covering a mix of sustainability, debate, and STEM, ultimately leading to the learning about and building of Wind-Powered Lights!

Engineering Basics w/ Local Primary Schools

An introduction to the engineering design process through a number of engineering challenges. Programmes have included schools such as Asbury Methodist Primary School.

SOLAB Competition w/ HKCIN

Local school students compete to design their best rendition of themepark attractions following a specific theme, guided by our video in both English and Cantonese showcasing the physics concepts behind each attraction and an example project. 

STEM kit shipping to Phnom Penh

A multi-batch shipment of 1000+ STEM kits to schools, communities and rural villages in Phnom Penh to further help expose children to STEM opportunities.

Involvement w/ the SDGs

Ingenuity is deeply involved with the Sustainable Development Goals, specfically SDG 4, Quality Education, and SDG 7, Clean Energy. Ingenuity promotes equity in STEM learning opportunities for students and has offered workshop series centered around ideas such as wind-power and solar-power.